We’re changing.
Because we love to create. And inspire.
You. To make amazing things.
Perfect every time.

Play! Create! Enjoy!

The world can be very boring.
Especially the world of technical machines.
Like, say, drink-mixers.

But we can change that.

Let’s bring inspiration to life. Let’s bring on beauty and joy. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Yes, we think so too :)

Coming soon. Stay tuned.

Est. 1980.
Turning new, more than ever.

We want to create the world’s most beautiful and dependable drink-mixers.
Because we dream of a beautiful and trouble-free everyday life for all.

So, we are changing.

Not just to match the growing challenges of the marketplace. Not just to be better.
But to offer more. To you. To your life. To your world.

So we’re embarking on the wonderful journey of holistic rebranding.
And I ―really― can’t wait to show you what’s coming.

Artemis Gavriilidou, CBO

Come join us!

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